What We Do.

Dog Walking

If you have to work long hours and can't make it home to walk your pet, we offer daily visits scheduled around you and the needs of your pet

Pet Sitting

We are available to make multiple visits to your home to ensure your pet gets the love and attention and everything He/She needs in their own environment while you are away from home.

Cat Sitting

Cat visits are recommended for at least once a day, but most people choose two times a day. We will feed, give fresh water and clean litter box.

Pet Taxi

Does your pet need to go to the veterinarian for a check-up or to the groomer for that great haircut? We offer round trip service to the appointment and back safely to your home. Pick-up of additional food or supplies as required.

Services provided at every visit

  • – Providing pet(s) with fresh water and food (if required)
  • – Cleaning of food/water dishes and feeding area.
  • – Cleaning of litter boxes (Cat Visits)
  • – Cleaning up any “accidents”
  • – Bringing in mail/packages
  • – Adjusting lights and drapes
  • – Watering indoor/outdoor plants¬†
  • – Taking trash/recycling¬†to and from the street


Services provided during visits:
* providing pet(s) with fresh food & water
* cleaning of food dishes & feeding area
* cleaning of litter boxes, cages & enclosures
* cleaning up any "accidents"
* sending daily reports and photos
* bringing in mail and any packages
* adjusting drapes & lights
* watering of plants
* bringing in/out trash/recycling